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About Women & Girls Fund Grants

The endowment of the Women & Girls Fund exists solely for the purpose of funding grants to organizations that address significant needs of women and girls on the Mid-Shore.  We take great care to review each application against our guidelines and to select programs that meet eligibility requirements and have the greatest potential impact.

We look for non-profit organizations that target the needs of women and girls in our region and groups or organizations that want to submit an application through a fiscal sponsor (i.e. a tax-exempt organization under the IRS code 501(c)3 that agrees to accept funds on their behalf). 

Applications and guidelines are sent upon request to qualifying organizations or can be downloaded from this site.  You can also call 410-770-8347 to request an application or to discuss questions concerning eligibility.

To date, the Fund has awarded $418,355 in grants to 70 Mid-Shore organizations.  To see a list, click on View Grant Recipients or click here.

Grant Guidelines

Applications for the next year must be submitted on or before NOVEMBER 1.  Submissions are reviewed to make sure information is complete and from a qualifying organization.

Your organization is eligible if it targets and supports significant needs of women and girls on the Mid-Shore and is a:

  • Non-profit – 501(c)3 organization;
  • Group or organization that intends to submit an application through a fiscal sponsor, i.e. a tax-exempt organization under the I.R.S. code 501(c)3 that agrees to accept funds on their behalf.

Emphasis is given to organizations and programs that:

  • Provide opportunities to develop personal self-esteem and self-sufficiency;
  • Enhance parenting skills to help build stronger families;
  • Develop life skills through education;
  • Provide role-model and mentoring support;
  • Work with other organizations to avoid duplication of services;
  • Have effective means of evaluating the succcess of a program;
  • Have a sound organizational sustainability plan.

Grants will NOT provide for:

  • Endowment, annual funds, or fundraising events;
  • Non-project specific advertising, publishing, or promotional material;
  • Organizations that do not directly or indirectly benefit women and/or girls in the Mid-Shore area;
  • Political campaigns or lobbying organizations;
  • Religious organizations, except as they provide services for nonsectarian purposes;
  • The benefit of an individual, such as for a scholarship, emergency hardship, or disaster relief.

Grant Application & Evaluation Forms

To apply or re-apply for a grant, submit a completed application to the address on the application, which can be downloaded HERE.   The application is a Word document that can be completed on a computer or by hand.  To receive an application form by mail, call the office at 410-770-8347.

Eight 3-hole punched copies of the application must be delivered by mail or by hand to the Women & Girls Fund office no later than the November 1st deadline. Note: For the 2016 grant cycle, November 1, 2015 falls on a Sunday, therefore, applications must be received no later than Monday, November 2nd.

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Download Grant Application Form PDF Download Grant Evaluation Form PDF